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Why Choose UK Training Online?

We're different to other online trainers. So often, online seminars are a disappointment when compared with face-to-face training - with little interaction, poor sound and boring visuals. That's why at UK Training we have taken a fresh approach to online training that we're positive you'll enjoy.

We've taken all the best features of the classroom and replicated them online - meaning you'll get the same high quality training combined with the huge time and money savings that come with training online.

All our online seminars are visually engaging, highly interactive and informative - ensuring your online experience will be just as rewarding as the classroom.

Features of UK Training Online:

  • 2 Presenter Format - We use two presenters during all our online seminars - This keeps the seminar interesting and maintains your attention far greater than the usual single presenter format. The 'co-presenter' will also ask the expert questions on your behalf and will put questions to the audience throughout.

  • Highly Interactive - The biggest fear people have with online seminars is that they will lack the interactivity of the classroom. At UK Training we make every seminar highly interactive. You'll be able to submit questions to the expert presenter throughout the seminar. Our co-presenter will then ask the expert your questions. During our seminars we'll also be putting questions to you in the form of polls and scenarios - giving you the chance to test your knowledge and ensure you fully understand the content.

  • Engaging visuals - There's nothing worse than staring at a screen of bulletpoints during an online seminar. You quickly become distracted and the training benefits diminish. You'll never have to worry about that with UK Training - we use a team of designers who create rich and engaging visuals which maintain your attention throughout - greatly enhancing your learning experience.

  • Just Login and Learn - Even if you're not confident with computers, attending our online seminars couldn't be easier. We've created an easy to follow step-by-step pre seminar setup that will guide you through the process with no problems. We also have a friendly team here who will be happy to help you at any stage if you encounter problems.

  • Saving you Time & Money - Training online will save you all the time and costs associated with travelling to a venue, whilst still receiving training of the highest quality.

If you want to find out more about our online seminars then give us a call on 01704 878988 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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