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UK Training courses feedback

Here are some of the comments received from delegates who attended The Essential Guide to UK VAT and International Services. 

"I really did like the format of having two presenters. I think it worked very well and the interaction between the two was great."
Kate Follon, Maplin Electronics

"Based on this experience, I feel like this would be my preferred method of participating in a seminar in the future."
Atiq Rehman, Ingenia Technology

"I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar, I was extremely impressed by the content and delivery. It was brilliant not to have to waste time travelling and to receive such a high quality seminar from my desk."
Helen Stephens, Liverpool University

"The format of two presenters was very good. The co-presenter asked 'sensible' questions - thus saving the audience repeating the same question."
Gemma Higgins, Barclays

"I liked the way that the co-presenter answered questions for us and also liked that the scenarios used were relevant to the module."
Tracy Mitchell, HBOS PLC

"Very well organised - a learning experience I will certainly recommend to colleagues."
Evelyn Farquhar, HBOS PLC

"As a US law firm this is an excellent way of training the staff in our US offices and one that I feel sure we will take advantage of in the future."
Jamie Truby, King & Spalding LLP

"I loved the format with the two presenters - it held my interest much more than if there had only been one presenter. I also liked the inclusion of the quizzes as we were going through - it made me think about what I had just listened to/seen rather than just sit there passively."
Michelle Malone, ASE Global

"Overall it was a very good piece of training and being able to do it from comfort of office was excellent."
Shawn Baker, SAIC Motor

"Very good, I would highly recommend them and would happily take part in future ones."
Paul Humphrey, Skill Bond

"I thought this was excellent. Much better than I was anticipating."
Tony Cooney, Ashworth Treasure

"It was a very good seminar, highlighting the areas of change, very well presented in a clear, informative manner and has given me pretty much all of the information I need to put the updates in place here."
Nicola Long, Gilbarco

"I found the online seminar much more convenient than attending in person and as good in all respects."
Heather Norman, Streets

"I thought the course was excellent. It was well structured and covered all the areas of UK VAT and International Services that most businesses would require."
Julie Singleton, Immunocore Ltd

"I thought it was great, the slides were excellent, I got my questions answered and I would do it again. No trauma driving to a venue or fantastic."
Andrea Brining, Arrow ECS


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