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UK Training courses feedback

The Role of a Company Secretary in the 21st Century

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Here are some of the comments received from delegates who attended The Role of a Company Secretary in the 21st Century

"Excellent course, very well delivered. Particularly liked fact that we got straight into it and didn't waste time talking about individuals' backgrounds and expectation from course."
Elizabeth Fleming, RSSB.

"Roger was very knowledgeable and proved to be an extremely accomplished presenter."
Kevin Wellman, Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.

"Roger was very knowledgeable, answered all questions well and made the subject matter as lively as possible through real life examples."
Gemma Hargreaves, Palletways Group Ltd.

"Fantastic course, informative and well presented - many thanks."
Chris Seaton, RHA Ltd.

"Explained in a clear and informative way that made a complicated role easy to understand. Roger was very friendly and the venue easy to get to and near to a train station and places to eat. A very enjoyable seminar. Thank you."
Kate Larter, Merial Animal Health.

"The presenter was excellent, I learned a lot and he was very easy to understand."
Sarah Jane Smullen, Pan Asia Advisors.

"A most useful presentation which I would recommend to others."
Georgina Rose, Paul Napier Ltd.

"Good practical knowledge on the subject, not just the textbook answer, which is always more helpful."
Sara Dunk, Global Invacom.

"The presenter very good and made a technical subject interesting and kept my attention. Came across as an expert in this subject area."
Barbara Dias, SII Group.

"Superb knowledge and understanding of subject matter. Good use of anecdotes to liven up presentation. Very approachable and open to questions. Overall very impressed."
Jonathan Richardson, Simpson Carpenter Limited.

"Roger has the knack of bringing a potentially dry but important subject to life."
Mike Kimmons, British Orthopaedic Association.

"The presenter was engaging, concise and very knowledgeable. Thanks."
Richard Lally, Scion Films.

"Very clear, very concise, personable and very patient. Really enjoyed the course - made a very hard subject digestible. Thank you Roger."
Gemma Haworth, GS1.

"Very helpful & informative. Excellent materials. Presenter extremely knowledgeable and delivered the training clearly and concisely. Some humourous anecdotes. Thanks."
Joe Curran, Interights.

"A topic which could have been very dry was presented in a stimulating and entertaining manner. Good quality study material. Very convenient location."
C A Ignatowicz, Bootham School.

"This was a really good day, the content was great and Kevin was an excellent speaker."
Nicola Place, British Heart Foundation.

"I found this to be an interesting and informative introduction to the duties of a Company Secretary and it has assisted me in reaching a decision about a career move."
Mark Jenkinson, Hunt & Palmer Plc.

"Peter is very clear in his presentation & extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for speaking in English I was worried about not understanding the complexities and jargon."
LP, Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd.

"Very useful day for someone fairly new to this area. Very well paced presentation of information."
ED, Scottish Museums Council

"A very helpful & thorough course, professionally presented. Thank you."
James Piggott, University of Birmingham.

"Made a possibly dull subject interesting. Applied knowledge direct to the audience so didn't confuse by talking about irrelevant information. Very helpful with questions and breaks also. Would be interested in attending other courses in the future"
CT, My Business Centre Limited.

"Good content. good value and very well presented. Congratulations to Roger Mason."
Jon Whaymand, The Outside Clinic.

"A great deal was covered in one day, for me this was good as I need an overview before starting a new role as Company Secretary and taking the ICSA exams so I found it most helpful and I'm sure the resources provided will be extremely useful."
DL, Advantage West Midlands.

"I was very suprised how quick the day went. What could be a very complex subject was presented in a really easy and understandable manner.  I definitely feel I have come away with a much broader knowledge of the Role of Company Secretary."
Lynda Cartledge, 4Com Ltd

"Very thorough - Thank you. Would recommend the course."
Justine Goldberg, Harrods Estates

"Very useful & informative day - great presenter! Thank you very much."
Kim O'Brien, Institute for Learning.

"Very useful . Followed the anticipated programme."
Michelle McMillan, Manchester Metropolitan University

"Very informative; useful - enough reading/tools to use to assist me in my role. Overall was very impressed with the seminar."
Diane Allie, Friendship Care and Housing.

"Presenter spoke from experience rather than text book which kept everyones interest.  Presenter approachable/open to questions."
Angela Cornwell, Boehringer Ingelheim.

"Very happy with Mr Mason's knowledge and delivery. Enjoyable and useful day."
Anne Pietsch, City of London Corporation Comptrollers and City Solicitors

"It has been an interesting seminar I want to come back for the Company Law course and maybe the VAT course for a brush-up."
Debi Gard, Abacist Omega Ltd.

"I will be appointed co sec shortly and this course is very appropriate in terms of learning the key role and duties." 

"Very thorough and informative.  Helps that presenter has been in a Company Secretary position."
Marie Humphries, Chartwell Group Plc

"Superb knowledge and understanding of subject matter. Good use of anecdotes to liven up presentation. Very approachable and open to questions. Overall very impressed with the presenter."
Jonathan Richardson, Simpson Carpenter Ltd.

"Roger Mason's course today for The Company Secretary was absolutely amazing.  I would like to process this material and get it all right and absorbed before embarking on a new course.  Please keep me posted about them though.  I have to say the course exceeded my expectations.  My own lawyer said I would be bored stiff and I was not bored for one moment.  Roger is a very gifted teacher and I valued his courtesy as well."
Dr Sandy Feneley, Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies.

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