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Finance Training

Financial Training Courses throughout the UK

You can view a full list of our Finance training courses below. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us on 01704 878988.

Full-day Course | £289 per person

This comprehensive course will help people involved in the preparation of the Corporation Tax return understand the rules and regulations and how they should be applied. It also demonstrates the most effective ways to ensure you are not paying too much Corporation Tax and guide you through the various tax reliefs available. 

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Full-Day Course | £289 +VAT

This comprehensive one-day course will equip the delegates with a complete understanding of how to prepare a set of financial statements that comply with FRS 102 – the new UK GAAP. Most private limited companies should now have completed the transition from old UK GAAP to new UK GAAP. It is now important to make sure that all accounting staff understand the requirements of FRS 102.

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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

Finance impacts almost every decision made across your organisation and for managers, it is crucial to understand how and why.  This comprehensive full-day course is designed to help all non-financial managers appreciate the key concepts of finance and how they can use this understanding to not only improve their own performance but the business as a whole.

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Full-Day Course | £289 +VAT

This full-day course is a comprehensive guide to the principles of producing a set of financial accounts. It begins by clearly explaining the debit and credit convention before moving on to look at the production of a Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

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