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VAT Training Courses

UK Training has been leading the market for high-quality, low-cost VAT training for 30 years. Our VAT courses are delivered at venues throughout the country, live online and in-house. If you are interested in 'in-house' VAT training then please call us on 01704 878988.

Full-Day Course | £269 +VAT

This course helps people involved in the preparation and maintenance of records understand VAT and the importance of completing VAT returns correctly.  It will clearly demonstrate when you charge output VAT and clarify the input VAT you are entitled to reclaim. 
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Full-Day Seminar | £269 + VAT

This seminar explains how a UK organisation should account for VAT on its transactions of goods and services with overseas customers and suppliers.  This seminar will lead to more efficient handling of international VAT within your organisation, reducing the risks of fines and penalties. What’s more, your greater understanding will help you maximise VAT reclaims and improve cash flow.
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Half-Day Practical Seminar | £219 + VAT

This practical, scenario based seminar, gives those dealing with VAT on an international level the chance to gain further insight into the often confusing subject of VAT and cross-border transactions.

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2 Hour Webinar | £149+VAT

Most businesses fail to reclaim the VAT they incur on overseas business expenses – despite being eligible to do so.  This is largely because the process of reclaiming it is considered bureaucratic, complex and time consuming. This 2 hour live online seminar will guide you through exactly what you and your business should do to maximise these foreign VAT reclaims.

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90 Minute Live Online Seminar | £149 + VAT

This practical 90 minute webinar will guide you through everything you need to know about the 2015 VAT changes affecting the digital supply of telecoms, broadcasting and electronic services and will introduce you to the new VAT Mini One Stop Shop.

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Full-day course | £269 per person

The course will help people achieve a complete understanding of the rules and regulations of VAT and property transactions. The course will benefit people responsible for accounting for VAT within their organisation and it will also benefit people who deal in and advise on property transactions.

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Full-Day Seminar | £269 +VAT

This seminar helps people understand Irish VAT and the importance of completing Irish VAT returns correctly.  It will clearly demonstrate when you charge Irish output VAT and clarify the Irish input VAT you are entitled to reclaim. 
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We can deliver all our VAT seminars in-house at your premises so that your whole VAT team can get the benefit of practical advice from our VAT experts that is directly relevant to your organisation.

If you have more than one office in different parts of the world then we can also deliver our VAT seminars LIVE online. This can still be done exclusively for your organisation and would save you money on travel costs.

If you are interested in having VAT training in-house then please click here and fill in the form to outline your requirements.