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Company Secretaries

Market leading Company Secretary Training throughout the UK

Being a Company Secretary is an extremely demanding role in any organisation and keeping up to date with the ever-evolving requirements, without making mistakes, can be a real challenge. To help, we provide practical, comprehensive and relevant courses for Company Secretaries - you can view a full list of these courses below.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us on 01704 878988.

Full-Day Course | £289 +VAT

This practical and comprehensive one-day course will clearly explain the duties and responsibilities of a Company Secretary - equipping you with the essential knowledge to succeed in this challenging role.

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Full-Day Course | £289 +VAT

This course is a step-by-step guide to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will soon replace existing Data Protection law in the UK. It will help you understand what you should be doing now and in the coming months to prepare for these important changes.
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Half-Day Course | £229 +VAT

This course is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about your company’s statutory registers. It covers all of them in detail, including the new and challenging Register of People with Significant Control. It will help Company Secretaries and anyone else responsible for the administration of companies to fully understand how and where to keep the registers, public rights of access and the rules on confidentiality.
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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

This one-day course will give you a clear overview of the typical duties and responsibilities of a Secretary in a Charity. It will give you an understanding of charity law and regulation, the requirements of the different legal forms and how best to support the work of the Board.

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Half-Day Course | £229 +VAT

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 places obligations on all UK businesses, either directly or indirectly. UK Training can help you and your colleagues to understand these obligations fully, develop a strategy for compliance and avoid the risks to your business that this new legislation brings.

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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

This highly practical and interactive full-day course will help company secretaries develop the skills and confidence needed to make the most effective contribution in the boardroom.  You will also gain a crucial understanding of the governance framework relating to meetings, which will greatly assist you in your advisory role.

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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

Taking minutes is a deceptively difficult and time-consuming job. It is a skill where often, little or no guidance is given to the person who completes them.  This can result in an ineffective set of minutes being produced. This course will take you through the minute taking process in a practical, step-by-step way and will significantly develop your skills in this important and challenging role.

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Half-day course | £229 +VAT

This course offers all those who are involved with company administration or board-level activities the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the rules on company constitutions and articles. It will enable you to fully appreciate how your company is governed and to make improvements or implement the articles more effectively.

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The Impact of the Bribery Act
90 Minute e-learning Course | £45 +VAT Per Person

The Bribery Act 2010 created the new corporate offence of 'failure of a commercial organisation to prevent bribery'. The only defence is for the commercial organisation to show they have adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery. One of these crucial adequate procedures includes the need for training.

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In-House Training Options

All of the above courses are also available on an in-house basis. We also present the following course exclusively in-house:

- Using the Courts Service to make sure your Customers Pay | Half Day | More Details...

To enquire about our in house courses, please fill in the form on this page.